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God is the ultimate leader, and He calls every believer to lead others to Him. You see, more than anything else, the success or failure of any life, family, nation, organization, or group is determined by leadership.

In an era of unprecedented opportunity for advancement in our world, why does it seem like the church isn’t at the forefront of this charge? Jesus Christ didn’t establish a religion. He pioneered a revolution whose destiny was simply to influence the world in every respect.

Now more than ever, it is imperative that the church arises with supernatural wisdom and the power to lead. Do you want to learn practical wisdom that will position you at the center of this move?
Do you seek divine empowerment that will defy the darkness like it did in the days of Daniel?

Congratulations! The Eagle’s Conference is the place to be.
Join Lawrence Oyor at the International Leadership Conference and Tours at the United Arabs Emirates 2022.

Your appointed season of shifts is here (Isaiah 40:31)

Conference Details:
Date: 29th July – 3rd of August, 2022
Venue/Streaming link: To be disclosed to only registered participants.
Registration fee: FREE

* Conference
* Special Tour
* Worship Sessions
* Interactive Sessions

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